The night when the stars fall down from the sky

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, one of the finest night in August day. You can see the Milky way dancing in your eyes, you can watch God paint the whole universe. It’s beautiful up here, I’m on the top of the hill, and the sky was never brighter as usual. The air is all awash with angels, no distraction, your eyes all the way a head to the sky. This is the august, the month of perseus and this is the night when the stars fall down from the sky.

It’s raining, the stars. We forget to bring an umbrella. Don’t worry it’s just the meteor, they’ll never come here, they didn’t grant your wishes, but they carried away your dreams. You believed in them, you kept it alive in your heart. And all you have to do is wait, till your dreams will become true.

Remember when i told you that night,

“It’s raining the stars, look up to the sky, watch the stars fall, and pray your wishes”. 

I make a wish that someday, i will meet the right person as right as you. She gave me all her heart, and i will give her all my life.

You saw a lot of stars fall down, that night. But i saw a lot of more in your eyes.


Perseid, meteor fall. August 2013. 

Flores. Nusa Tenggara Timur. Indonesia


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