Letter to a Stranger

Hi, This is Sunday, and now i getting scared. It’s Monday tomorrow, and bloody hell, i gotta finish all of my postponed-paper works. This is so true that Holiday is the time I most like, either i hate very much. Why you should hate holiday? when you have more time to nap or doing time-wasted. This is the question that unnecessary to answer, but by the way I’m single now, and i feel so damn jealous why I can’t spend my holiday with someone specials. We will visit cafe that we used to, talk eye to eye. I touch her hair, She hold my hand. We order the same coffee we ordered before. Espresso is mine, Cappucino is yours. Rendezvous is killing the time that night, and Both we have a good time. Holiday will have a good ending with a kiss, and i can continue another boring day for the next week again with peace.


Back to the topic, Actually i have a project that i want to do it for a long time ago. This is about how to pick up girls, strangers that you didn’t even meet before with a letter. How’s the plan? OK, this is the plan, i wrote some letters and put it in an pink envelope. Plan A, i give it directly to cute strangers i meet, pretending that we ever met before, do some chit chat, make her attractive to you, be gentle. Plan B, I will pretend to drop it in my way pass behind her, Then she will take the envelope and read the message. If she calling you, just go walk forward, pretend you don’t hear her call. Did you know that girls are like surprises, just keep it mysterious. She will wonder who you are, then finds out who you really are. Epic!

This is what i wrote in the letter,

Dear Stranger,

I find you very cute, attractive and adorable. Did you fall from heaven? Cause you’re so so “Beautiful”.



Just a simple message, but full of compliment. Why i put my twitter in the end of the letter? cause everybody have a twitter right now and this is how she will contact me later, by mention me on twitter, or send me a direct message. Then we will decide to meet each other, get to know each other or something else. If cupid on my side, Que sera sera, falling in love at first sight is not impossible anymore.



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